It is Sunday, or Friday evening, or any day of the week and you are alone at home.
You are feeling depressed, this so oppressive and haunting feeling of loneliness has decided to be at your side today.

For people who are prone to food compulsions, this context can be particularly risky.

Did you know that by just creating a warm and cocooning environment, you could regain your smile and be soothed?

Here are some essential elements and tips to transform your apartment / house into a cosy nest in which you feel better and better.

A scented candle

Because it is always more pleasant to be in a pleasant smelling environment.
You can choose a neutral or floral scent such as rose or violet, or a candle with the good scents of vanilla, cinnamon or gingerbread.

Plants or flowers

Because if you have nice colors in addition to the good smell, it’s even better!

A feel-good movie

Among the great classics: Love Actually (What? A girl who writes this article? I don’t see who you mean… ! 🙄💁), Very Bad Trip, Wedding Crashers, almost all movies with Julia Roberts, superhero films, and many more… ! Everyone has their own tastes, but there’s bound to be a movie that will make you smile!

A book

Whether you are a romance novel, a detective novel, a political book or a biography, a good book will help you take your mind off things.

A plaid + a tea

Because the feeling of warmth is often correlated with the feeling of security.
And if you have a stomachache, add the hot water bottle!

A comforting dish or dessert

Because it has been proven that eating a dish you love gives your brain a sense of satisfaction and pleasure, essential to your well-being.
Make a nice plate, cook vegetables in pretty colours,… Create an environment that will make you enjoy your meal.

Cook, and enjoy a guilt-free meal!

Otherwise, a good square of chocolate will do.

Some music

We have all danced in front of our mirror singing Beyonce, or we have all felt soothed by a jazzy tune from Nina Simone or Marvin Gaye.
Launch your Apple Music (or whatever), and let yourself be carried away…

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