The app

Feeleat is the application that helps you to find a healthier relationship with food and to reconnect to your bodily sensations and emotions.

Already available features

Contextualized food & personal diary

Every day, you note your meals, their contexts, your bodily sensations, your reactions. You become aware of events or food contexts that help you feel well.

Mood board

At every moment, write down your emotions. As the time goes on, your mood board gets filled up.

Lists of goals

Set your short- and long-term goals and track your progress.

Activity filter

Identify easily contexts and foods that are challenging or that help you feel well.

Tips and exercises

Get advice and access a selection of exercises to help you reach your goals.

Share your activity

Select the information you want to share in real time with your loved ones or your therapeutic team.

And soon…

A dashboard to help you analyze and better manage your behavior

An interface dedicated to healthcare professionals and a secure messaging

Webinar cycles, community and therapeutic events

New tools to help you feel better with yourself

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