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Reset your relationship to food

No weight, no calories, no figures.
We help you reconnect with your feelings.

How does it works?

  • Contextualized food & personal diary

    Log daily information about your lifestyle, your meals, your emotions and your body sensations.

  • Lists of goals

    Set your short- and long-term goals and track your progress.

  • Activity filter

    Identify easily contexts and foods that are challenging or that help you feel well.

  • Share your activity

    Share your data with your loved ones or your therapeutic team. Save time in your sessions and get more efficient support.

And soon…

A dashboard to help you analyze and better manage your behavior

An interface dedicated to healthcare professionals and a secure messaging

Webinar cycles, community and therapeutic events

New tools to help you feel better with yourself


  • Kind of a revolution.
  • A daily tool that we want to use to progress.
  • Thank you for this shoot of hope that you send us with this application.
  • 10 days of daily use, a lot of benefits in such a short time.
  • A great help for all those who have digestive problems and who are trying to understand the foods that are problematic.
  • Finally a reliable tool I can use to work with my dietician.
  • I understood where my ED comes from, why compulsions happen at these times.
  • Feeleat helps me keep an eye on the objectives that I set and the ones I reached.
  • Feeleat helps me to reassure my loved ones.
  • A GENIUS help for all those people who do not know how to eat, where to start, for people who need landmarks.
  • I love the regular reminders of the app, which give me the impression of having a friend watching over me.

Who are we helping ?

Patients & individuals

  • User friendly tools for a better engagement
  • The patient becomes an actor of his healing
  • Day-to-day help
  • A mutual help community


  • Patients are better involved
  • A personalized follow-up
  • Smarter decision
  • A time saving tool


Healthcare system

  • Better access to care
  • A decrease in health costs
  • An accelerator of therapeutic innovations
  • A clinical research tool

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