Summer is in full swing and many people enjoy their activities: swimming, sunbathing on the beach, sharing a barbecue or a good ice cream with family or friends… But these leisure activities are not always synonymous with pleasures for all. For people who suffer from eating, the summer period can become a difficult or even painful time: light clothing, changes in rhythm and diet, the fear of not finding suitable food, of being more controlled by loved ones (“you eat too much” or “not enough”), forced socialization, especially during meals…

Stay focus!

During holidays, people often change their lifestyles and schedules, which can break the reassuring routine set up by the person in difficulty or by the medical protocol. It is important to have a stable food tempo and avoid skipping meals.

Drink and eat enough

Some people mistakenly think that drinking makes you fat or that, under the pretext that it is hot, you should reduce your food intake. No! Proper hydration – which can be a sensitive point when suffering from ACT – and maintaining a balanced diet are key (for example, avoiding eating only raw fruits and vegetables).

Indulge yourself and enjoy

Summer is an opportunity to try out new physical or cultural activities, new foods, make new friends or meet new people. It is also a good time to practice letting go, and storing good memories.

Get some rest

People who do not get enough sleep tend to eat without appetite to fight fatigue or compensate for lack of sleep. Conversely, some people will be more nervous and unable to eat, hence the idea of taking care of their sleep.

Keep in touch with your medical team

Holidays, yes, but for the most fragile or vulnerable, it is important not to cut completely with your medical team if possible. If the geographical distances are too long, this link can be made by regularly sending your logbook to your therapeutic team via the feeleat application.

Communicate about your difficulties!

With your family, friends, doctors,… Being able to rely on someone when you are invited to a party or a food-rich meal is comforting to know that you can count on caring listening.

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