It is a debate that comes up regularly: eating your fruit after a complete meal would make it bloat, it would brew, and it would not be assimilated as well as if it were eaten at the beginning or between meals.

But what is really going on?

While fruit is essential to our dietary balance, some people feel a real digestive discomfort when eating raw or underripe fruit.
Some even evoke increased discomfort when consumed at the end of a meal.

However, the experts are formal: “All this is not based on any study, digestion is global and there is no fermentation problem that explains digestive problems,” says Serge Hercberg, epidemiologist, professor of nutrition at the Faculty of Medicine of Paris XIII and president of the PNNS.

The stomach is a crusher where everything is mixed and whose contents are gradually emptied for 6 hours

Dr Jean-Michel Lecerf, a nutritionist at the Institut Pasteur in Lille.

For both doctors, there is therefore no proven benefit to eating fruit at the beginning or at a distance from meals.
Moreover, they point to a link between the association of food and the proper assimilation of nutrients.

However, health professionals regularly receive patients who describe a strong discomfort after eating a fruit at the end of a meal: gas, bloating, feeling of heaviness or diarrhea. “There are real digestive pathologies, such as irritable bowel syndrome or hiatal hernia that cause these symptoms after meals,” observes Dr. Jean-Michel Lecerf.

The doctor then mentions an influence of “rumours” on many patients: “When you have a negative discourse on anything, it can lead to negative manifestations, it is called a nocebo effect”.

In conclusion, eat fruits several times a day, regardless of when it is consumed!

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