In 5 or 10 years if you stay as you are now, are you really going to look back and wish the scale was lower?
Are you really going to be happy you relapsed one more time?
That you restricted one more meal?
That you exercised for half an hour more?
Or are you going to wish you hadn’t carried on as you were?
You are going to wish you put the hard work in now before ruining another few years of your life.
You are going to wish you hadn’t done more damage to your organs,
You are going to wish you hadn’t destroyed your bones further and now have osteoporosis.
You are going to wish you’d done something about your situation,
Because that dream you had about having children,
Is only a dream because you are completely infertile now.
Because the days run into weeks,
And months and years,
And before you know it that “tomorrow” you promised yourself,
Is 5 years later,
And your still striving to get that number lower,
And see a gap between your thighs,
When really why does that even matter?
What relevance does that have to your life?
How does that make you a better person?
Why do you think people will love you more if you are smaller?
You are more than a number and what you weigh,
You have so much you want to do,
So many places you want to travel,
So many ambitions you want to fulfil,
So are you really going to risk it all?
Just to feel a temporary relief for a long life of misery?
Or are you going to fight now?
As hard as it is,
For a future so much bigger and brighter than the world of anorexia will ever be,
It’s a choice you have to make right now,
Not tomorrow,
And then continue you to make it every single day,
Because are you going to spread your wings and fly,
Or stay trapped,
And eventually,
Loose your life ?

Never stop fighting.


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