Imagine reading an entire book and stopping 5 chapters short of the end.

Imagine doing an all nighter to watch the sunrise, but then falling asleep at 3am.

Imagine doing the whole food shop but then leaving just before reaching the checkout.

Imagine doing a marathon but stopping at 20 miles.

Imagine watching a gripping Netflix series but stopping just before the last episode.

Imagine growing tomatoes but picking them before they are ripe

Now, imagine committing to restoring your health, but stopping before you body is quite ready…

You might be able to trick your friends and family that you are ‘recovered’ at the ~low end of healthy~
but you will NEVER trick your body.

Each individual body has its own optimal weight.
This is a range between which our cells, our functions, our hormones, our brain work best at.
We have absolutely no say in this.
Whether you like it or not, it is our biology and mainly due to our genetics.

Attempting to have control of it, will bring a life time of dieting & an eternal fight against your biology.
It is your bodies aim to get you to your healthy weight.
If this means feasting, food thoughts, raiding the fridge, sobeit.
Do not judge your body for that..

Finish the book, see the sunset, pay for the shopping, finish the marathon, complete the series, pick the juicy tomatoes and let your body get to its set point..

Very few people have a BMI between 18.5-20.
👉 Accept that your body will settle when it is ready & content, and doesn’t need your micromanagement in this process.
👉 Don’t stop where you are mentally comfortable with your bodies appearance.
👉 Stop when your body is internally safe and sound. It will have ways of making you aware when you get there 🌿

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