Feeleat application is available for free on iOS and Android!

Feeleat is kind of a digital food diary … but even better !

For each of your meals, the application allows you to make a link between your food intake, your body feelings (stomachache, nausea, headache, energy), your emotions (anxiety, happiness,…), your behaviors and the context of these meals (where? with whom?).

If you wish, you can then share this information with your medical team.

Are you afraid that noting your meals is too time-consuming? Or will keep you obsessed with food?
Don’t worry ! Feeleat’s objective is to help you overcome from your difficulties by getting you embrace a peaceful relationship with food.

Here is why and how

By recording each of your meals, you can become aware of what you are actually eating.

Whatever your objectives (treating an eating disorder, identifying a food that causes stomach aches, finding a healthy relationship with food,…), it is necessary to be aware of what needs to be changed in your diet to achieve your objectives.
By taking pictures of your meals, and noting them, you will be able to see more easily the elements & foods to modify on a daily basis.

You will want to prepare yourself more beautiful dishes which will make you enjoy your meals better

Especially if you share these photos with your family or your medical team!
Indeed, the idea that other people see what you have eaten will stimulate your desire to show beautiful plates.
It has been proven that better presented meals are enough to considerably increase the pleasure of eating well.

You will be able to stick to your protocol more easily

The idea of sharing photos and descriptions of what you eat with your medical team or family members will encourage you to stick to the established protocol.

You will gradually identify the contexts that generate symptoms or that help you to enjoy your meals

By linking each of your meals with the context of your meals (where? with whom?), your emotions, your body sensations and your behaviors, you become aware as you go along of situations that are favorable to your well-being, or on the contrary of foods or contexts that put you in difficulty.

This will help you better establish your objectives and identify your areas of work.

In a few weeks, your application will be enhanced with a dashboard to help you analyze your data and better manage your behaviors.

That is why it is important that you regularly record your meals.
When the dashboard is available, all your data will be more easily analyzed!