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About eating disorders

Alarming figures

10% of women have eating disorders

50% of those with eating disorders will never access any treatment

30% of teenagers are regularly subject to binge eating or hyperphagia

Long and complicated treatment

Multidisciplinary treatment is necessary.
It may involve a General Practioner, a psychiatrist, a nutritionist, a psychologist, a psychomotor physician.

  • Recovery takes on average 3 to 10 years,
  • When taken to hospital for eating disorders patients stay on average 3 to 4 months.

Hard recovery journey

Managing ED involves a face-to-face between the patient and his/her therapist. This can be hard to implement. Food tracking is also difficult to put in place.
Other challenges may be encountered due to a slow treatment pace, treatment disruptions or a lack of pluri-disciplinary coordination.


  • The main reasons for not being treated are shame, denial, high cost of current protocols.

  • The death rate for people with anorexia is 10%, the highest of all mental illnesses.

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