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Our mission Help you reconnect with your feelings

And help you rediscover a relationship to food that is





Eating to sustain your health

Meals should not be a headache and a simple part of your day. If every bite gets you overthink, our main goal is to help you find rediscover an uncomplicated relationship to food that will allow you to be in good health.


Eating as a sharing moment

Beyond the nutritional aspect, mealtimes contribute to socialization.
Our goal is to be by your side so that this moment of the day can be an enjoyable social moment.


Eating to experience joy

As we have to eat to live, having fun eating is fundamental to our well-being.
Our goal is to help you rediscover positive feelings around food.

Our story

Feeleat is above all a wonderful collaborative adventure, born of the will of thousands of people, patients, families and doctors, committed to develop new tools to help all those for whom eating well is no longer natural.

Morgane Soulier, feeleat founder

After 10 years fighting against eating and digestive disorders, Morgane has combined her experience as a patient and her professional skills as a Project Manager in New Technologies to design a powerful digital tool that now enjoys the support of the medical community.

With Feeleat, I have the ambition to help all those fighting against eating and digestive disorders to get soon better. Thanks to the invaluable help of health professionals and the community of patients who are by my side, we will make recovery a reality.


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