I have a confession to make. Without even realizing it, I regained weight, over several months, I gained around 7kg to reach a fitness weight.

What’s wrong ?

My silhouette has changed, my clothes fit me differently or even sometimes no longer fit.
And I have trouble accepting these changes.

I wanted to scream, cry, and especially fast, as if doing so would change anything to my discomfort. And then I thought about it. I had been saying for months, even years, that I wanted to gain weight and shape, so why go back?

Deep down, no matter how much I said I wanted to gain a few pounds, I wasn’t doing anything about it.
I identified myself as a person who would eat a lot without gaining weight.
In the end, it was all a lie, because basically I wasn’t doing anything to gain weight: I still had this hyper-control over my appearance, so that it didn’t change for anything in the world.

But here it is gradually, I released the pressure, until I dropped everything for good.

And I gained weight back.

I didn’t gain weight, no I gained pounds that were just waiting for my signal to come back to adorn my body.

I still have trouble with this new appearance but I am working to accept it.

If you are in this situation too, I have some tips that can help you:

  • do not weigh yourself,
  • seek the advice of trusted persons on this physical change,
  • buy new clothes that you like and make you feel comfortable,
  • avoid mirrors that reflect you from head to toe

There are probably other ways to start accepting this new body, but the main thing is to think that a few pounds won’t change the incredible person you are.
What matters in life is not appearance, not numbers on a scale or jeans.

We are all beautiful, and that doesn’t matter what your eating disorder says!

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Need some more help ?

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