Dear feeleater, At feeleat, we aim to help all those suffering from eating or digestive disorders to feel better! The figures are alarming:
  In addition, 20% of the population is reported to have digestive disorders. In all, 1 billion people worldwide are affected. As these diseases are sometimes invisible, and often associated with a sense of shame, we do not always know that our children, friends and neighbours are suffering. By talking about feeleat around you, you will potentially help many people. And at feeleat, we are convinced that the more people we help and take care of, the more people will be able to share their stories and help, and the more likely they will all be able to get treatment. For all this to be possible, we need you. Please, help us. Dare to share what you know about your disease, talk about the help that feeleat represents, educate people around you about the fact that recording meals in an application can help them identify situations that improve their well-being, that sharing this information with their medical team will allow them to receive more appropriate treatments and reduce their pain.

How to talk about feeleat ?

Through the app 
Via Instagram & Facebook by sharing our posts L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est Share-feeleat-RS-1024x768.png. And by adding the #feeleatfamily to all your posts, recipes, tips, and by making screenshots and publishing the meals you save in the app. By sharing your story on the blog Become an author for the feeleat bloga community space where you can share your experiences in order to help all those in need. As always, your testimonials, community advice, feedback and suggestions for improving the app are valuable! Don’t stop, don’t stop! It is all together that we will build the most useful tool for all! 🤗 Thank you very much for all the help you will bring to the whole community,