Bloating, nausea, stomach aches… Anyone suffering from eating or digestive disorders goes through these unpleasant sensations, which can sometimes hinder the recovery process. We interviewed the #feeleatfamily, and we give you the tips of those who fight daily to overcome these evils and not give up.

What makes you feel better when you have a stomach ache after your meals?

Other tips were also offered:

  • deep breathing exercises,
  • gentle yoga,
  • putting on comfortable clothes,
  • lying down and watching a movie.

At feeleat, we are very sensitive to sharing our experiences because we are convinced that it is by sharing our experiences with other people who are fighting that everyone can move forward, that it is by reading the true stories told by the members of our community that patients and loved ones can understand that they are not alone in facing the disease, that it is by discovering the experiences and care paths of those who are fighting that everyone will eventually find the path to recovery.

So tell us in comments, what relieves you when you experience stomach ache?

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